Hot Spots


Term 2 Meeting: Wednesday 4 June - Ilam School
Jolyon White (Social Justice Coordinator Anglican diocese) talked about the national Welcome Home Communities Competition that has been sent to schools through out NZ, focused on creating more inclusive and welcoming communities for Refugee and Migrant families, including school communities.  For more information please follow the link

Term 1 Meeting: Wednesday 18 March - Westburn School
Judith Anthony from Aidanfield Christian School shared a presentation about resources to support parents.
Click HERE for a link to her handout


Term 4 Meeting: Wednesday 5 November - UC Wheki 302
Rachel from Middleton Grange shared a presentation about Food Tasting Descriptions.
This is her Keynote presentation:

Term 3 Meeting: Wednesday 3 September - Mairehau Primary
Sarah, Mustura and Milan from Hagley spoke about the Hagley Community College Refugee Programme. They covered information about the diverse range of learners, their cultures and celebrations, learning and qualifications. For more information contact

Click the links see the handouts:
Multi-Ethnic Homework and Study Centre
NCEA Holiday Programme Sept/Oct 2014

Term 2 Meeting: Wednesday 28 May - Middleton Grange School
Kirsten Aaron from Ilam School showed her modelling books.To view her notes click HERE 

Term 1 Meeting: Wednesday 2 April - Heaton Intermediate
Judith Anthony from Aidanfield Christian School shared her experiences in holding an International week at her school. To view a summary of the Keynote presentation click HERE 

Term 4 Meeting: Wednesday 6 November - Roydvale Primary
Glenys introduced this blog to the cluster.

Term 3 Meeting: Wednesday 4 September - Riccarton Primary

Glenys Williams from Fendalton Open-air School shared her top 10 iPad apps for using with ESOL students. To view her handout click HERE.