Cluster Library

New games available for borrowing (June 2015)
  • 6 Language Development Board Games
  • 6 Grammar and Sentences Board Games
  • 6 Comprehension Board Games
  • 6 Spelling Board Games
  • 8 Spelling Board Games

Book recommendation
My Two Blankets - Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood
"My Two Blankets is the story of a young girl called Cartwheel who leaves her own war torn country for somewhere safe. But the new place is so foreign to her she no longer feels like herself. Cartwheel seeks comfort in a metaphorical blanket of her own words and sounds. When a young girl shows her friendship and begins to teach her new words, Cartwheel begins to create a new blanket from these words and sounds she learns." 


Coming soon to our Library 
Bilingual picture books
Chinese - Where Hummingbirds Come from
Indonesian - How the Fox Got His Color
Tongan - In the beginning
Samoan - In the beginning 

Beginner dictionaries and word books
My First Book of Mandarin Chinese Words
My First Book of Korean Words
At School (Samoan)
Mini picture dictionary (Korean)

Treasury of Japanese Folktales

Belonging - Jeannie Baker

Mirror – Jeannie Baker

Below is a list of current titles available for borrowing:
Bilingual picture books
Chinese - Handa's surprise
Hindi - Goldilocks and the three bears
Indonesian - The Dance of the Caterpillars
Japanese - Lima's red hot chilli
Japanese - Mei Ling's hiccups
Japanese - The Adventure of Momotaro, the peach boy
Korean - Farmer Duck
Panjabi - The wibbly wobbly tooth
Somali - That's my Mum
Tagalog - Lakas and the Makibaka hotel
Urdu - Marek and Alice's Christmas
Urdu - We're going on a bear hunt
Yoruba - The little red hen and the grains of wheat

Other picture books
Chinese culture - Dragon Dance
Games from around the world - Acker Backa Boo
Russian culture - The Keeping Quilt

Teacher needs
Bell, D (ed.) - New to New Zealand
Murphy, R. - Essential Grammar in use
Gibbons, P. - Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Learning
Gibbons, P. - English Learners Academic Literacy and Thinking
Swan, M. - Basic English Use
Swan, M. - Practical English

Acker Backa Boo! By Opal Dunn (book of children's games from many countries)
AGO card game - Question and answer