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2017 Aho Tapu (language learning thread): Innovative practice for ELLs in Flexible Learning Environments (FLEs)

Term 1: Week 8 - Wednesday 22 March

Leading innovative practice for ELLs in Flexible Learning Environments: The role of the Principal, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, Literacy Leader/s, ESOL Coordinator, ESOL Specialist Teachers and FLE Mainstream Teachers.

Guest Speaker - Gaylene Price

Hotspot - Kirsten Aaron - Peer Tutors

Sharing Time - Current Job Descriptions 

Venue: Ilam School
Time: 9:15am-12:15pm

Term 2: Week 8 - Wednesday 21 June
Implementation of specialist ESOL programmes and supporting English Language Learners (ELLs) across the curriculum in FLEs: What planning, programming and delivery could, should or might look like.
Guest Speaker/s: Kate Morgan - DP at Merrin School
Venue: Lemonwood Grove School - Te Uru Tarata - 540 E Maddison's Road, Rolleston
Hotspot - The new International Code of Practice
Sharing Time - What evidence can support ESOL Teachers to meet the Practising Teacher Criteria
Time: 9:15am-12:15pm

Term 3: Week 8 - Wednesday 13 September

Enhancing the learning of ELLs in FLEs using digital technologies: What is available, and why should we use it? What does the research say?

Guest Speaker - Linda Edwards - Master of Computer Assisted Language Learning (MCALL)
Hotspot - to be advised
Sharing Time - digital tools, software...
Venue: Banks Avenue School
Time: 9:15am-12:15pm

Term 4: Week 5 - Wednesday 15 November

Moderation and assessment of ELLs against the English Language Learning Progressions and in relation to the National Standards: Making this work in FLEs.

Guest Speaker Gaylene Price

Hotspot - ELA Contract
Sharing Time - to be advised
Venue: Clearview School
Time: 9:15am-12:15pm

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